Congratulations NetApp's Mark Weber, Lifetime Achievement Award Winner!

weber.mark2.jpgThe Institute for Excellence in Sales & BD will be honoring Mark Weber, Senior Vice President, Americas Sales, NetApp with a Lifetime Achievement Award on June 11th. Congratulations Mark!


Find out what makes him a great leader below:


NetApp’s Mark Weber on Building Relationships with Colleagues and CustomersTo Mark Weber, it’s all about building relationships. It’s the relationships he’s established both among himself and his staff, but between buyers and sellers, that have positioned Weber to be a leader as a sales professional. WashingtonExec spoke with Weber on how his leadership approach differs from others, providing the best customer service and advice for sales professionals.


Burning bridges or building a network? How to create job loyalty- If you want to create loyalty in your team, you must build trust, make it personal and push for openness. Master these three relationship building skills that Weber suggests and you will be on your way to building a strong, loyal team. 


What Did YOU Sell Today?- Every member of a company impacts sales.  Whether you are a marketer, engineer, or salesperson, your impression on others matters.  Weber believes that you should ask yourself “What am I doing to help sell today?” every morning before work. If you show up with the right attitude and put in the extra effort, you can help your company sell and grow.


Do You Have The Stomach For A Job In Sales?- Working in sales is the greatest career move you can make according to Weber.  You are rewarded with balance, autonomy and recognition if you work hard.  In order to have the stomach for a job in sales, you must be competitive enough to put yourself out there every day, just as Mark has done for the last 20 years. 


In Sales, The Human Factor Wins. Here's How...- Because of today’s technology, information on products is readily available.  Customers don’t need sales reps in order to learn about a product or service that they are interested in.  However, they do need sales reps in order to apply the human factor.  The human factor is responsible for building the relationship that the customer is investing in.  According to Weber, the three cornerstones to building that relationship are: knowing the details, developing trust and confidence, and creating the right customer experience. 


Building A Team That Works: Are Prima Donnas Worth The Risk?- Prima donnas are the all-stars that are hard to work with.  Their presence has a large negative impact on their team’s productivity.  On the bright side, they are often easy to spot.  Prima donna’s usually jump from job to job or have a known reputation.  Managers want someone who is loyal to the company and the team.  Weber thinks that managers should reward teamwork, not just individual behavior, if they want to build a strong team for the long run.


Hire A Veteran Today: Here's Why- Veterans are trained to expect and overcome obstacles.  Their main goal in mind is to achieve their objectives by any means necessary.  Not only is that a valued characteristic, but veterans have also had more leadership training than most jobseekers.  They learn responsibility and professionalism during their military experience and add incredible value to a team.  Weber has veterans on his staff and he believes that the skills that made them successful in the military are utterly transferable to the civilian space. 


Lessons From Baseball: 3 Ways To Give The Best Customer Experience-Business leaders have a similar role to baseball managers.  Business leaders manage and coach the players hoping to beat the competition and create a great fan (customer) experience.  There are three core parts of delivering a great customer experience:  design it in the product, listen to customer needs, and give great training and support.  As Weber says in the article, “Put the customer experience first.  The rest will follow.”