Data Driven Cloud Series Q&A: Controlling Your Data in the Cloud

Moving to the cloud is no small task - data questions, infrastructure questions, contract questions abound!

NetApp and our partners answer our clients' cloud questions every day - to ensure their cloud journeys match their data needs!

Today’s question is answered by Jeff Baxter, CTO, Americas Sales, for NetApp:



Q: How can I control what happens to my data when it is in the Cloud?


A: The answer is…. You can’t. Surprised? Cloud providers can give you assurance and provide you controls, but once your data goes into a Cloud, it might as well be their data.

That’s why a Data Fabric is so critical. You can maintain control of your data and manage risk, but still take advantage of the operational efficiencies of multiple different Clouds.  Data Fabric gives agencies a consistent way to manage, secure, and protect data in all clouds.


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