Data Mining, Management, and the Cloud

Mark Weber, President of NetApp U.S. Public Sector, discusses data mining, management, and the cloud on the June 1st episode of Government Contracting Weekly, a TV show devoted to winning government contracts.

On the latest episode, Mark weighs in on the challenges of data governance, the benefits of public, private, and hybrid cloud computing, vendor lock-in, and leveraging data to measure project goals, save money, and much more.

Mark explains the benefits of the hybrid cloud model and the need for federal IT providers to deliver solutions that enable movement and storage of data across clouds. That’s the difficult part because agencies don’t move to the cloud, data does. And data does not like to move easily.

When asked his one piece of advice to agencies considering moving to the cloud, Mark said, “Manage your data. Control your data. Look at the hybrid cloud because that will allow you to manage your number one asset and that’s your data.”

Watch the full episode here.