Doing More with Less…

Today’s DoD Data Center Manager (DCM) must deal with deployments, mission changes, and the inevitable fire storms.  They are forced to do more with less time and fewer hard assets.  Data is immortal and protecting the data is a mission in itself.  The DCM can find time by identifying and implementing technologies that make a data center more efficient. Efficiency in the data center allows teams to do more with less.

Data Protection

The most time-consuming exercise in data management is protection.  Leaving your data unprotected is not an option. Compromising the mission with lost or corrupted data is unacceptable. Data must be backed up. Protected data must be easily recoverable, timely and available.

There are numerous data protection strategies that include layers and tiers of protection but these often include complicated and competitive data-computing architectures.  NetApp storage technologies include built-in, fast, efficient and reliable data protection capabilities that insure data integrity and reduce the expensive complexity of traditional data protection strategies.

For example, NetApp Snapshots protect your data by creating near-instantaneous point-in-time copies.  They provide your system administrators the ability to take and maintain frequent, low-impact, user-recoverable copies of files, directory hierarchies, LUNs, and/or application data.  Snapshots maintain the security properties and ACLs of all files.  The capability is free and native to the NetApp Operating System and reduces the complexity of the data center’s data protection strategy and the time system administrator’s must spend on data recovery.  

NetApp Snapshot technology is the core to NetApp’s Extended Data Protection portfolio which includes data archival, SnapVault, data replication, SnapMirror, and application aware and specific backup and recovery tools, SnapManager. NetApp Snapshots are also recognized and integrated into many 3rd Party Backup Software programs, providing efficient, industry recognized data protection capabilities which protect legacy investments in technologies your system administrators already know.

Finding Time

The DOD Data Center Manager must consider technologies that increase efficiency and provide more time to their troops. NetApp Data Protection technologies are fast, secure, and integrate with legacy technologies. They provide efficient and secure layers of data protection and management. Implementation of NetApp Data Storage, Data Protection and Data Management technologies will reduce the time needed to manage and protect your data, which increases the amount of time available to accomplish other mission-imperative tasks, which finds you time…

Joseph Whitehead, Systems Engineer, NetApp U.S. Public Sector