Employees Talk- NetApp Vienna Named One of the Washingtonian’s 50 Great Places to Work

The Washingtonian revealed their annual Great Places to Work list for 2013 and NetApp Vienna was named one of 50 Great Places to Work in the Washington, DC area. Being a great place to work translates into success for NetApp’s employees, customers, and partners. Culture comes first because happy employees mean happy customers.

Government Gurus spoke with employees from the Vienna office to find out what they love most about working for NetApp.

What gets you excited to go to work in the morning?

Simon Hillman, Regional Director: “The people. Across the organization we can count on everyone to work incredibly hard to help you, but still never lose sight of having fun.”

Hannah Shatzen, Channel Marketing Manager: " I think all the responsibility and autonomy we are given really encourages me to get up and get working. Having someone trust that you can get a job done, makes me motivated even more to get it done and do it well. NetApp gives me so much, so I try to give back as much as I can by doing timely, quality work."

Bud Kinzer, Manager, Federal Channel Sales, US Public Indirect VAR: “I am excited to be part of the team at the NetApp US Public Sector and the mission we support for our federal customers serving the DOD, Intel and civilian agencies and the services that are provided to US Citizens, military individuals, and federal employees. I have the good fortune of being surrounded by great people at our office in Vienna and the good fortune of working with outstanding partner individuals and organizations each day.”

M.J. Schmitt, Global Systems Integrator, Manager: "Sounds trite, but NetApp is like an extension of my family.  We work hard, we play hard.  NetApp has given me the opportunity to work on the latest technologies - cloud – and partnerships, such as our work with AWS. It keeps us focused on what our customers are hearing and expect from NetApp."

What is your best memory of working for NetApp in 2013?

SH: “My best recent memory is the collective response to a major customer RFP. It took an enormous team effort across all areas of the operation. After a month of late nights and weekends, everyone was still very motivated and excited. There was no infighting or complaining. We all just pitched in to do a great job.”

HS: "As co-chair for the WIT group at NetApp, I was able to attend the The Anita Borg Institute’s Grace Hopper Women In Technology Conference this past fall. It was a week filled with some of the most intelligent, successful women showing us how to be leaders in IT. We were surrounded by brave, smart, courageous women like Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook and Megan Smith, VP of Google [x]. They told their stories and how they made a difference in their workplace and it gave me a perspective on my career that I had never realized before."

BK: “My best memory of 2013 was a partner offsite meeting that we conducted in the spring of this year. We all work hard together and ask for a lot from our partner community. This spring we took two days to spend with our most significant contributors to reward them for the past year and plan and strategize for the next fiscal year.”

MS: “I was privileged to be part of the third year of NetApp’s Guiding Coalition – worked with a NetApp team that spanned all continents and time zones (made for some interesting webex times!). We worked on Total Customer Excellence – which dovetailed completely with NetApp’s singular focus on our customer experience.”

What would you tell someone who is considering working at NetApp?

SH: “Spend time to understand the culture. It's a great place to be but only if it fits for you. There are no 9-5 jobs. Mutual respect, team work, and a focus on results are part of the DNA.”

HS: "I would tell them to absolutely go for it. The interview process can be rigorous but entirely worth it. NetApp’s culture and focus on innovation makes it one of the best places to work, by rank and by personal opinion. Having this as my first job out of college, I couldn’t imagine a better place to start my career."

BK: “NetApp is a fast paced exciting and rewarding place to work. NetApp asks a lot of each of us daily, but also provides an excellent culture for growth and satisfaction in the role we play. NetApp encourages a work\life balance and is also dedicated to be a great citizen in our local community as well.”

MS: “Be prepared with a high energy level and come ready to engage – with co-workers, clients, partners. Work hard, play hard in a great place to work!”

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