First Elephants, Now Unicorns – Facebook Graph Search

Flying high off of our very successful first partnership with our friends over at HiveData, NetApp is proud to host what promises to be a very crowded and educational meetup. Please join us on NetApp campus in Building 3 Java Café March 13th at 6pm to hear Facebook’s Sriram Sankar speak on “Facebook Search Infrastructure.” The details are below, register here, and as always, hit me up on twitter (@thebillp) if you have questions:


In this talk, Sriram will cover various aspects of the search stack that supports all the search products at Facebook.  The main product is Graph Search, but the same stack also supports Nearby mobile search, Checkins, Tagging in posts, etc.  The talk will cover Unicorn (an inverted index based retrieval system), indexing and ranking strategies, and some of the NLP strategies used in Graph Search.


Meet Sriram Sankar, Software Engineer at Facebook



Sriram Sankar is a software engineer at Facebook. He got his PhD from Stanford University in 1989 and has worked at many Silicon Valley companies including Sun Microsystems, VMware, and Google.


Make sure to come early to network & mingle with an amazing crowd of data bees!



  • 6.00 to 7.00pm: Registration & pre-party (light food & beverages)
  • 7.00 to 7.40pm: Facebook Search Infrastructure by Sriram Sankar
  • 7.40 to 8.00pm: Q&A session
  • 8.00 to 8.30pm: Networking session (light food & beverages)