From the Humvee to the Data Center: NetApp Announces Innovative Portfolio

Forget the desk chairs, coffee machines, and desktops—the military works in inhospitable conditions around the world to protect our safety.  Buckle up and imagine riding around in the rough terrain without a building in sight on the horizon. Temperatures are reaching upwards of 120 degrees Fahrenheit. You’re on the move in your Humvee and you have a mission to complete.

Every workload is different, but NetApp is committed to helping our customers get their work done wherever they may be and no matter their data requirements. Data is critical to any mission, and our mission is to help our customers succeed.

To help our customers succeed in any environment, NetApp introduced two new hardware platforms and updated a third to address the broad performance requirements of data-intensive applications:

  • The new NetApp EF550 flash array for latency-sensitive, business-critical applications where responsiveness and enterprise reliability are critical, such as Oracle and other databases supporting command and control applications.
  • The new NetApp E2700 for small remote/branch offices requiring optimal price/performance.
  • The updated NetApp E5500 for high bandwidth performance, density and modular flexibility for the widest range of data-intensive workloads, like distributed ground stations, big data analytics and high bandwidth video.

In the example of the military vehicle, the EF550 which is a solid state drive appliance, no longer requires the military to park to process information; they can process on the move, saving valuable mission time. However, the EF550 is equally at home in large data centers.  In fact, a single 2U EF550 is able to match the performance of 1,000-2,000 spinning hard drives (2 – 4 racks of equipment).  This results in a significant saving in space, power and cooling while reliably addressing challenging workloads.

Our E5500 can deliver up to 12 Gbytes/sec of data bandwidth per 4U system and can be used to store over 2 Petabytes of data in a single rack, without compromising on enterprise-level data integrity and system availability.

Whether you are in a Humvee or your data center, our EF flash array and E-Series platforms deliver superior price/performance, efficiency, reliability, and scale around the world.

Dale Wickizer, Chief Technology Office, NetApp U.S. Public Sector

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