Guide to All Things EDUCAUSE

The EDUCAUSE Annual Conference presented a very dynamic, community-generated program that explored today's toughest IT issues facing higher education, both instructional and infrastructure related. More and more, the two categories are becoming catalysts for success to the other.

Higher education IT departments serve students that demand always-on, anytime and anywhere access to data and applications that work seamlessly on more than one device at any given time delivering diverse learning pathways. This proves challenging in an environment that may have multiple types of technology leveraging different systems and applications in its legacy network.

Fortunately, higher education IT departments continue to demonstrate that they are early adopters of technology innovation, largely because of tight budgets and the ever-changing demands of a new group of young tech-savvy students who arrive with new expectations for technology every year.

Three clear areas that today’s higher education IT departments can continue to focus on to create greater efficiencies and stay on the leading edge of technology, include:

  • Infrastructure consolidation
  • Cloud technology and data portability
  • Mobility integration strategies

One thing was abundantly clear at Educause; “Student Success” metrics are here to stay. Funding models to many institutions and departments will depend more and more on the outputs and outcomes. We hear so much about Common Core for K-12 in today’s new cycles, but know that higher education has it’s own methods developing state by state as standards for results. This is important in continuing to fuel the innovation of our country and our culture in a global economy. I am confident that technology is at the core of this move to performance based funding and this will challenge our technology and instructional leaders to collaborate beyond any individual’s goals, but rather for better alignment in meeting those of the institution.

To learn more, read our recent article covering these initiatives.



NetApp was at the annual conference, held September 29th through October 2nd in Orlando, Florida, talking to IT professionals focused on higher education about how NetApp provides solutions that address Hi-Ed IT needs around cloud, flash and overall enterprise data management. We also showcased our 50% less storage guarantee and our strategic relationship as the official data storage provider to the NFL. 


Many customers stopped by the NetApp booth and enjoyed our NFL Prize Wheel, and football themed digital caricature artist.



Shawn Rodriguez, Senior Director, State & Local Government and Education (“SLED”), NetApp U.S. Public Sector