Health IT in Government: Progress and Best Practices

NetApp’s Jeff Baxter joins the Federal Executive Forum panel to discuss the progress made in Health IT in government over the past year. The panel shares success stories on how government and industry must work together to help in our Healthcare IT efforts. These public-private partnerships are key to helping solve mission programs. 


“NetApp’s focus is on the data management and moving data seamlessly and securely all the way from the data center to the point of care,” Jeff Baxter, Americas CTO, NetApp said.


This seamless data management allows agencies to have real-time health access to electronic records. If you can save one minute or two minutes from each session with a patient, that translates into more patients being seen and treated a day.


The full panel focuses on the:

  • Progress Report on Health IT In Government
  • Profiles of Successful Health IT Programs 
  • Top Priorities with Health IT
  • Lessons Learned
  • Challenges still to overcome
  • A Vision for The Future

Hear more from Jeff Baxter and the other expert insights from the wide-array of panelists with experience in Government Health IT including: 

  • Dave Bowen: Chief Information Officer, Defense Health Agency
  • Michael McCoy: Chief Health Information Officer, ONC
  • Neil Evans: Co-Director of the Connected Health Office, VHA Office of Informatics & Analytics
  • Jeff Baxter: Chief Technology Officer, NetApp
  • Monica McEwen: Federal Director, Qlik
  • Mark Jones: Senior Sales Director, Healthcare, CA Technologies
  • Moderator: Jim Flyzik: President, The Flyzik Group


To watch the full panel discussion, please visit here.