How Technology Saves Lives: Solving the Genomic Puzzle through IT


Technology is reshaping how healthcare works and is becoming a significant component in how healthcare organizations can improve patient care. As part of our HIMSS 2016 blog series, we are looking at how technology is helping our customers save lives.


Three years ago, Inova Translational Medicine Institute (ITMI) began its first genomic study on preterm birth to help identify, better care for, and even develop preventive therapies for at-risk mothers. Since then, ITMI has initiated several other major studies to individualize patient care through genomics and molecular medicine.


Each study requires massive amounts of information that need to be collected, merged, and analyzed from different sources. In order to conduct more research and speed time to discovery for large and novel genomic and clinical data studies, ITMI needed to find a solution that would meet the institute’s high performance computing (HPC) needs.


Seeking a more viable IT strategy to support its mission, ITMI saw private cloud as a means to more reliably and cost-efficiently address rapidly escalating performance and capacity demands with full control over an internal infrastructure.


Behind the scenes, ITMI partnered with NetApp to deliver a cost-effective platform that provides the power and agility needed to accelerate its time to discovery. Its new high-powered, highly automated infrastructure can now process more data at a faster rate—and with greater quality control. As a result, ITMI now has the reliability and processing speed to complete studies in hours—and for a fraction of the cost of using public cloud resources.


ITMI also worked with NetApp to find a solution that would allow them to create interactive visualizations from billions of data points as the process originally took too long to render by using traditional reporting methods. ITMI can now manipulate data faster and in new ways and uncover connections and trends that might not be visible with traditional analysis alone by deploying a new flash array.



Today, ITMI is one of the first organizations in the world to track their patients’ genomics in a community healthcare system in order to provide the best treatment at the right time to the right patient -- transforming and saving lives.


By leveraging technological innovation, advanced research, and sophisticated information management, ITMI is unlocking the secrets of RNA and DNA to better treat and prevent disease.


This HIMSS 2016 customer feature is part of a series that highlights our customers’ successes in the healthcare industry. To learn more about what NetApp is doing at HIMSS, visit our event guide.