Leveraging Public and Private Platforms

Cloud has been top of mind for agencies for the past four to five years now as they work toward maximizing capacity utilization, improving IT flexibility and responsiveness, and minimizing cost. 

As agencies embrace cloud computing, the enthusiasm is checked by the need to address demands for maintaining control, availability, compliance, privacy and security around data and IT systems. There are multiple paths to the cloud, which leaves agencies asking: public or private?

But why not make the best of both worlds and leverage public, private, community, AND hybrid platforms?

Although computing requirements may vary, an agency’s storage needs are always growing. By using self-service, on-demand, elastic, and pay-per-use service, IT managers can still have their data under their complete control, relieving the stress associated with security, storage, and government requirements.  In essence, agencies are able to use the cloud with private storage. In a Hybrid IT environment, the data still resides within the organization’s firewalls. What is accessed via cloud services is the actual computing itself as well as applications with which to take on the computing chores.

Moving to the cloud means adopting multiple cloud resources that span private and public, but agencies don’t want a collection of discrete resources – they want the ability to manage the entire environment from a single purview. And that is what private storage with public compute enables them to do.

Researching different cloud platforms can provide your agency with the security it needs, while also achieving the power, flexibility, and cost savings the federal government requires.

So how do you determine which platform fits your agency best? It’s all about the workload.

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Workloads are key to cloud computing. Since there are many scenarios for cloud adoption, users need to take a flexible approach, considering the value and tradeoffs workload by workload.

Broaden your horizon, because learning about the cloud options available today can help agencies bring together public and private cloud so they get the best of both worlds, which ultimately leads to IT success.

Let’s continue the cloud discussion. For more on this topic, join me at the MeriTalk Cloud Computing Brainstorm, Thursday, January 16, 2014 at the Newseum in Washington, D.C. We will talk more about leveraging public and private platforms in the cloud. Register today:  www.meritalk.com/cloudbrainstorm.

Davis Johnson, Senior Leader, Service Providers & Cloud Partners, NetApp U.S. Public Sector