Meeting the Mission: NetApp Introduces Unified Scale-Out Storage Systems and Virtualization Software

As the number one storage provider to the U.S. federal government, NetApp bears a special responsibility to continually drive innovative storage solutions that can improve the performance and flexibility of U.S. Public Sector information systems.

Today, NetApp is proud to announce the next generation in unified scale-out storage systems, with new storage virtualization capabilities and the capability to run the latest release of clustered Data ONTAP, which helps public sector organizations maintain non-disruptive operations, efficiently store data, and non-disruptively operate across private and public cloud environments in the “unbound cloud” era.

The new FAS8000-series of enterprise scale-out storage systems provide improved performance (up to 2x), better flash acceleration with up-to 3x more flash, and superior I/O flexibility. The FAS8000 also supports the new FlexArray Virtualization Software that allows multi-vendor storage systems to be unified and simplified into one pool of software-defined storage.

FlexArray software allows any FAS8000 system to support both NetApp storage as well as storage from multiple other vendors. For example, a federal agency consolidating multiple data centers can now opportunistically re-use storage and bring it under central coordination. This allows agencies to stretch budgets further and avoid under-use of existing storage infrastructures while still taking advantage of all the latest in NetApp storage technologies.

The FAS8000 is optimized to run the latest version of clustered Data ONTAP. Clustered Data ONTAP helps federal agencies scale-out as needed to meet their mission, and eliminate disruption that would normally be required for planned downtime.

The National Ignition Facility at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory is home to the world’s largest laser— over 100 times more energetic than any previous laser system. They’ve also unlocked the power of clustered Data ONTAP, eliminating up to 60 hours of planned downtime annually with non-disruptive operations. The power of NetApp Flash Pool has enabled them to meet the IOPS and throughput requirements of analyzing scientific data, while keeping storage and power footprint manageable. Flash Pool has reduced peak latency by up to 97%, eliminating the need to pause experiments.

A complete overview of the National Ignition Facility Success Story is available here and watch NIF CIO Tim Frazier discuss how the facility drives energy research and scientific discovery in the video here.

Clustered Data ONTAP also provides the ideal platform for federal or state and local clouds, whether hosted privately, at a cloud service provider, with hyperscale providers, or in a hybrid cloud transversing them all. By providing a “universal data platform," clustered Data ONTAP on the FAS8000 makes it easier for agencies to move to an era of unbound clouds, where data moves seamlessly across scale-out storage platforms and into or out of private and public clouds.

The FAS8000 represents NetApp’s latest entry in a continued two decades of innovation, delivering improved operations, efficiency, and scalability to our public sector customers. This improved ability to deploy a scale-out enabled storage platform with flash acceleration and cloud integration will allow federal agencies, state & local government, and higher education institutions to respond quickly to changing mission needs, reduce overprovisioning of people, time, and a money, and move seamlessly to the era of unbound clouds.

More information on the FAS8000, FlexArray, and clustered Data ONTAP can be found here.

Jeff Baxter, Manager, Consulting Systems Engineering, NetApp U.S. Public Sector