NAB 2015 and NetApp (Booth SL13309)

12138 NA_NAB_728x90_e-banner_FNL.jpgWe are rapidly approaching the opening of another NAB show.  NetApp will be there to show how 90% of the top 20 U.S. media companies use NetApp to meet their deadlines and stay ahead of the competition.  Our cost-effective storage solutions have gained acceptance in production and distribution workflows alike.


At this year’s show, we’ll be presenting our latest innovations across our broad portfolio of block, file, flash, object and cloud storage solutions for media workflows.  We’ll show you how your peers use the best-selling storage operating system in the world, Data ONTAP, to complete automated workflows like transcode and graphics rendering three times faster than our closest scale-out NAS competitor.  And we’ll show you how our new software defined object storage solution lets you build multi-petabyte geo-dispersed content archives and reuse disk arrays you already have in your operations.


But that’s only after we talk to you to better understand your problems.  We want to show you more than just big storage boxes, we want to figure out how best to solve your data management challenges.


Let’s face it, you already know how to store lots of content data.  You’ve been doing it for years.  You look for the right storage performance at the right price point and go.  So what’s different now?


Quite a bit, actually.  The problem is not always just about the cost of storage or the performance.  It is about enabling new workflows and the real cost of not meeting your deadlines.  We all know that the media industry continues to evolve.  The barriers to entry are tiny compared to what they used to be.  Everyone has a new competitor that didn’t exist even two years ago. All of this requires that we think differently about how we support the content data that is at the center of your business.


What Makes NetApp Different?

So NetApp at NAB 2015 will be more about how to get things done more efficiently than it will be about storage hardware.  Sure, we have released the new FAS8000 unified scale-out storage family, the new E-5600 block storage family, the new EF560 all-flash array and the new StorageGRID Webscale object storage appliance all in the last year, but we will also show you new ways to handle your data.  With NetApp, you can now match the content value to the cost of the storage and make sure that your content is secure from theft and deterioration due to age.


Data Durability – Security from Theft and Aging

For example, everyone faces the problem of aging content data.  Older content usually gets moved out to tape where it is susceptible to bit rot and media deterioration over time.  Many think that putting that content out into the cloud is the better solution, but how do you keep that content secure and under your control? 

NetApp, along with our partner Splunk, will show you how you can monitor your storage and content management solutions in real time to create a virtual security guard that watches what’s happening from moment to moment.


Our new Software defined object storage solution, StorageGRID Webscale, can monitor the data integrity of your data during ingest, egress and at rest, making sure that the content you put into the system in 2015 is the same content file you pull out in 2050.  That is something that simply cannot be done with a tape sitting on a shelf.


Flash in Media

Another thing to look for is the role of flash technology in media workflows.  There are lots of flash start-ups that are offering big bandwidth for reasonable costs.  It’s very similar to what we saw at the beginning of hard disk arrays being used in media in the 1990’s and the 2000’s.  For those of you who remember those days, you will also remember how many of those companies disappeared over time, leaving customers scrambling to support solutions they thought would have many more years of useful life.  NetApp sells more flash than most of those new start-ups combined and at over 6 billion dollars in sales annually, we won’t be going away any time soon.


Media and the Cloud

And we’ll be talking about cloud, but perhaps not in the way you are used to looking at it.  Cloud has a place in your media business, but only when it is managed correctly.  Many who went to the cloud looking for less expensive solutions have found that for some workflows the costs are higher than they expected.  NetApp and SoftLayer can show you how to utilize the power of the cloud while maintaining complete control of your vital content data.


What Will NetApp Tell Me at NAB?

Most people we talk to want to know just who is using NetApp and how are they using it.  That’s an answer we can give you at NAB 2015.  Our products support the most critical workflows in both large and small media companies worldwide.  But the most important thing we can tell you is that we have the ability to help you succeed with YOUR challenges.


Our storage thought leadership has brought new products to the market that offer you new ways of fulfilling the old concept of Information Lifecycle Management.  My previous blogs have covered object storage pretty deeply, so I won’t go into that here, but suffice it to say that we are actively engaged with companies who want to manage their content differently, as the current systems just don’t offer them enough control or flexibility.


When you come to the NetApp booth, we won’t be showing you racks of blinking lights.  That is the way our competitors sell storage, but we think that is also missing the point.  In the NetApp booth, we’ll be hosting one-on-one meetings with interested media companies; meetings with our leading storage and technology experts.  We’ll have solution architects who have working knowledge of the solutions in production today at your industry peers.  We’ll have partners who can talk to you about their abilities to enhance the storage fabric you will use to keep your data at the center of your business.


But most of all, we want to listen to you.  We want to know what parts of your data management challenge keep you up at night.  We want to show you how NetApp is more than a storage vendor; we are the partner you can count on.  After all, you don’t need another product; you need solutions to your problems.  And that’s what you will get from NetApp at NAB 2015.


Watch the NAB Show2015 Preview Video Here