NAB 2016: Q&A with Cantemo’s CEO Parham Azimi

Cantemo Portal


Last month, we shared with you the exciting news that leading media companies are adopting our object storage solution, StorageGRID Webscale, to provide their customers with intelligent policy-driven data management for the entire content lifecycle. One of these companies includes our ISV partner Cantemo, a software company in Stockholm, Sweden dedicated to the development of intuitive and streamlined media management solutions.


At this year’s NAB, NetApp had the opportunity to sit down with Cantemo’s CEO, Parham Azimi, to discuss exactly how they’re helping their customers solve their IT challenges.


What role do you see storage playing now and in the future for media and entertainment?


Video content is becoming all the more prolific, with media companies generating vast amounts of media assets to keep consumers happy, and companies increasingly using it as a great channel for engaging with customers. With media libraries full to bursting, finding the right piece of content at the right time is not always easy. The combination of Cantemo Portal and NetApp enables customers to manage that content, easily search, edit, and review, and archive it instantly, all from one place.


What are you hearing from your customers as their biggest IT challenges today?


One of our customers’ biggest challenges is in managing IT infrastructure and the pain associated with it. Essentially, in a tightly integrated solution, it can sometimes be difficult to pinpoint where problems are coming from. For example, the problem might look like it originated in the application, but it’s actually coming from the infrastructure. Historically it has been shown that the best way to combat that is to ensure that the infrastructure is properly designed and that Cantemo Portal is integrated seamlessly to work within that. Cantemo Portal has been implemented to manage the broadcaster’s entire workflow. It has been integrated with each component of the new system, meaning everything can be handled and managed within Cantemo Portal. 


What industry problem are you looking to solve by partnering with NetApp?


Cantemo is all about solving everyone’s media management needs. And today, so many people and companies are creating video assets both big and small. By partnering with NetApp who can extend and customize our products, we are showing that it doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive to deploy a solid wide-ranging solution, expand and adapt it based on specific needs.


This NAB 2016 feature highlights our partner’s successes in the media and entertainment industry. To learn more about what NetApp is doing at this year’s show, visit our event guide.