NetApp Helps Meet JIE Mission Objectives

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In 2012, the JIE Transformation Execution Order set up the Joint Information Environment (JIE), which is designed to coordinate IT across the military.  Part of a Department of Defense (DoD) plan to provide the military with a more centralized approach to IT, the JIE will combine DoD’s many networks into a shared global network—which will supply email, Internet access, software applications, and cloud computing.


The JIE will increase operational efficiency, enhance network security, and save money by reducing infrastructure and staffing.  Features include:

  • A single-security architecture
  • Minimizing of network hardware, software, and staffing
  • Access to the network from anywhere in the world
  • Enhanced data protection
  • Improved information sharing among the services and with government agencies and industry partners

JIE reached its initial operating capacity two years ago. The program has made progress in setting up Joint Regional Security Stack (JRSS) hubs, and military organizations have started migrating their IT to these hubs.


But what, exactly do such organizations need to fully realize the goals of the JIE?   Data access, data security, and information sharing are the keys to success with the JIE.  But these qualities can only be achieved through an infrastructure that is flexible and agile while remaining secure. Such solutions must also be adaptable to various service and agency environments and must be capable of meeting new requirements from the U.S. DoD and our alliance partners.


NetApp is uniquely positioned to help services and agencies realize JIE data management goals. As the leading data storage provider to the Department of Defense, NetApp creates innovative storage and data management solutions that boost IT efficiency and flexibility, and we have a long history of meeting stringent DoD security guidelines. Military organizations that use NetApp solutions do more with less; they no longer have to choose between saving money and quickly accomplishing goals.


End-point data management from NetApp E-series, converged infrastructure such FlexPod, and storage resource tools like OnCommand Insight are only some of the technologies NetApp has to offer military organizations. 


Click here to learn more about how NetApp can help your organization realize your JIE mission objectives.


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