NetApp Returns to Dallas for #SEGAM2016

Dallas, TexasThe year is 1997.


It is the first year NetApp exhibited at SEG in Dallas. It is the year we announced a data storage array that broke the one-terabyte threshold for enterprise storage arrays.  The term “Cloud Computing” had just been coined and geoscientists had big beefy UNIX workstations on their desks for interpretation and much of their data was local or on tapes in a bookshelf beside a desk. 


Fast-forward to 2016 – our systems now incorporate individual flash drives that are more than 15 terabytes and systems that scale to hundreds of petabytes.  Equipped with new monitoring capabilities, a single well can generate a terabyte of data in a day.  Geoscientists use multiple devices with mobile connectivity and cloud is revolutionizing the industry.


According to the Accenture and Microsoft 2016 Upstream Oil and Gas Digital Trends Survey, despite the low oil price environment, 80 percent of oil and gas companies plan to continue investing the same of more in digital technologies, especially in the areas of mobility, the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud. 


What is at the heart of all these investments? The answer is simple -- data.  However, capturing, aggregating and making data available to numerous diverse applications across multiple environments and locations remains a big challenge.


This year at SEG you will hear NetApp talk a lot about data fabric.  NetApp’s vision for the future of data management is to create a Data Fabric that not only speeds up your day-to-day work, but allows you to seamlessly connect to different data management environments and disparate clouds into a cohesive, integrated manner.


Together, with our partners, we will demonstrate a number of solutions including:


  • Public cloud environments for G&G environments that can be accessed from a wide array of devices while supporting collaboration on graphics-intensive projects with colleagues in the office and across the world
  • A cloud/s3 integrated petro-technical big data solution that allows organizations to implement an intelligent policy-driven data management platform designed to automate how upstream data is managed and made available securely across geographic regions or sites
  • A fully integrated and pre-packaged private cloud solution that addresses the critical need for local and remote 3D access to applications while substantially increasing application performance


In today’s digital world, data is driving change and how data is generated and used is creating new challenges and opportunities.  Data is the new oil.  While this phrase is overused, data is like crude oil. It’s valuable, but only if it can be extracted, made available and used to create valuable insights. With data fabric, our customers will be able to unlock the value of their data and allow them to focus on driving innovation.


We are excited to be at SEG for our 20th year.


I hope that you have a chance to come by our booth #2145 to see our latest innovations, hear from our partners, meet our experts and exchange thoughts and ideas around how any company can continue to evolve and build upon our data fabric vision for oil and gas.