NetApp U.S. Public Sector in the News- June

Summer is officially here and the heat is kicking in! We are bringing you this month’s NetApp U.S. Public Sector in the News. Here are the top stories featuring NetApp U.S. Public Sector that you may have missed in June.

A Collaboration in the Cloud: Advancing K-12 technology innovation- ESchool News
Today’s reality of budgetary shortfalls and limited resources make it challenging for K-12 districts around the country to effectively address the technology needs of schools, students and teachers they serve. This common challenge is what brought two information technology centers, Northwest Ohio Computer Association(NWOCA) and Tri-Rivers Educational Computer Association (TRECA), together.

Moving Day, TechSource
Moving data is daunting.Like the family getting ready for the dreaded cross-country move with all their belongings in tow, agencies struggle with data portability and data storage. And it doesn’t get easier. Like families that acquire more stuff as they expand and kids grow, agencies continue to accumulate data. But agencies have choices. Check out this blog from NetApp’s Mary Jean Schmitt.

Local Government Cloud Adoption – Time to make your move?, American City and County
One might assume, based on the volume of conversation and coverage of the Cloud, that government agencies at every level (Federal, state, county, city) are far along the path to replacing legacy systems across their organization with Cloud infrastructure, and experiencing all the utopian promises and gains that go with it.  Unfortunately, that is not yet quite the case. NetApp’s Shawn Rodriguez weighs in.

Data Management: Ep 79, Government Contracting Weekly
Doug Putnam of Quantitative Software Management and Mark Weber of NetApp discuss data mining, management, and the cloud. Guests weigh in on the challenges of data governance, the benefits of public, private, and hybrid cloud computing, vendor lock-in, leveraging data to measure project goals, save money, and much more.

State of California Natural Resources Agency Awarded U.S. Public Sector ‘Innovator of the Year’, GovDataDownload
Whether natural or manufactured, the State of California often grapples with constrained or dwindling resources.  Managing those resources is mission critical, and the State’s Natural Resources Agency uses both natural and technological resources to maximize their efforts to do so. The agency, which was recognized by NetApp® recently with a 2014 Innovation Award, has taken to the cloud to create efficiencies, break down siloes and use real-time data to transform how the agency operates, creating a better way to keep track of the natural resources upon which Californians so greatly depend.