NetApp U.S. Public Sector in the News- November

We have a lot to be thankful for here at NetApp. The November U.S. Public Sector in the news has been all about innovation and keeping up with change from company culture to the State House, read on to hear about how NetApp addresses challenges and is committed to helping our customers achieve their mission. 


NetApp’s Tom Mendoza on Innovation and Embracing Change- GovDataDownloadtomm.JPG

NetApp’s Vice Chairman Tom Mendoza was one of the speakers at this year’s FedScoop FedTalks. In his presentation, “Embrace Change or Die,” he spoke about the importance of change and how an organization’s culture is key to its ability to change and innovate.


Government Video Surveillance is Increasing by Necessity – Are You Prepared?- Emergency Management

Growing security problems – including school shootings and threats to public safety, particularly during large events – are putting increased focus on video surveillance. Highly effective and efficient video systems are now available, but they bring with them a heavy storage burden for local governments.


From the State House to the Local Clerk: 15 Challenges and Success Stories at the State and Local Levels- GovLoop

State and local governments are facing big challenges, like budget cuts and limited staffing, while trying to fulfill their mission. But despite these challenges, many are finding innovative ways to do things differently – and seeing amazing success. In this guide, we’re shining the light on 15 state and local government success stories.


NetApp’s Greg Gardner outlines strategies to address big data challenge- ExecutiveGovvideosurveillance.jpg

For the military, big data and analytics tools have become essential for sorting through the mountain of intelligence being collected from a rapidly multiplying number of human and machine-based sources. Hear from Greg Gardner on 4 strategies for dealing with the coming data tsunami.

UCLA’s Transition to a High Performance Computing Environment Fuels High Performance Research- GovDataDownload 

The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), is one of the country’s foremost research facilities with a mission to leverage the research produced for the betterment of the global community. Like many research facilities and higher education institutions, the university community found that their IT infrastructure was limiting their ability to conduct the research they wanted to do and the work they knew they could create. To stay ahead of these concerns, the Institute for Digital Research and Education (IDRE), which is dedicated to maintaining UCLA’s position as world leader in research, began to explore options in high-performance computing (HPC) to foster the institution’s research and innovation capabilities.