NetApp U.S. Public Sector in the News- October

Fall has been busy at NetApp U.S Public Sector. Read on to get the latest articles featuring themes like cloud, law enforcement, and STEM education from October.

4 strategies for dealing with the coming data tsunami- Defense Systems

For the military, big data and analytics tools have become essential for sorting through the mountain of intelligence being collected from a rapidly multiplying number of human and machine-based sources. Hear from Greg Gardner on 4 strategies for dealing with the coming data tsunami.Cloud_News_1_HiRes[1].jpg


Why 'the cloud' has a thin blue lining- Police One

Although still not nearly as “sexy” as what the public may see on the silver screen, police are better leveraging cloud technology for criminal investigations and crime prevention. People seem to think that law enforcement agencies around the country have the same capabilities as seen on TV and in the movies. People watch CSI and 24 and other shows and think that cops can track every suspect’s move across the grid. 


10 government IT projects earn GCN Award honorable mentions- GCN

The California Natural Resources Agency depends on real-time data to respond quickly to disasters like flood, fire and drought. To supply the data it needed, CNRA’s IT team unified its IT organizations together with shared-services built on an internal private cloud. Today the agency has tripled its IT capacity, giving decision-makers on demand access to computer services and information.


The Cloud Can Change Everything for Law Enforcement- Security Today

Many people envision law enforcement agencies around the country as resembling mythical portrayals on TV and in movies, with leading-edge technology that can track every suspect’s move across the grid. In fact, law enforcement is often behind commercial enterprises, lacking the budgets and mission requirements to install costly security systems. But, advances in and acceptance of cloud technology and other trends within the law enforcement community are changing that, and agencies need to adapt to keep up.


NetApp's Mary Jean Schmitt on STEM education- FedScoop TV

Mary Jean Schmitt, cloud business development manager with NetApp, joins FedScoop TV to discuss the importance of STEM education.