NetApp’s Jeff Baxter Talks About the Best Cloud Options for Federal Agencies

Jeff Baxter, Consulting Systems Engineer for NetApp’s U.S. Public Sector, recently shared his thoughts on why data storage is an important issue for government agencies and talked with GovDataDownload about public, private, and hybrid cloud options. He said hybrid cloud continues to be an attractive option for agencies that want to compute in the public cloud, but they still want to keep their data private. While the hybrid cloud model is relatively untapped in the public sector today, Baxter said it offers the most potential going forward for agencies seeking to strike a balance between scalability and security. The hybrid cloud model allows agencies to maintain control of their sensitive data while fully maximizing the cost-saving benefits of cloud computing.

He did caution against a rush to the cloud, however, because a rushed cloud deployment often creates an inefficient and fragmented IT infrastructure. Baxter went on to say that agencies should look for technologies that can help their IT organizations transform from builders and operators of infrastructure to providers of responsive IT services to the organization. To do that, they need to find an innovative solutions provider that can support flash-accelerated, cloud-integrated storage solutions for the broadest range of shared and dedicated infrastructure environments.

Baxter mentioned that newly available clustered enterprise storage platforms raise the bar for performance and value in shared infrastructures. He advised that agencies should look for a cloud vendor that can provide virtualization and management of storage platforms to enhance their ROI. Another important tip that Baxter shared is that agencies should make it a priority to work with vendors that offer device- and platform-agnostic solutions, because with the rapid acceleration of change in technology in today’s environment, choosing a proprietary solution can be costly and work against you in the long run.

Listen to the full interview with him here.