NetApp's Rob Stein discusses the state of federal IT

Rob Stein, vice president of public sector at NetApp, joined FedScoop TV at FedTalks 2014 to discuss the state of federal IT.

This past year, the government has seen many changes in federal IT. From cloud computing to data center consolidation, these trends are shaped by the shifting mission priorities of the government. Agencies are responding to wherever the most urgent needs are home and abroad. The mission, the enemy, and the world are changing.

To meet these needs and to keep up with the changing times, Rob is seeing the cloud, which comes as no surprise in every shape and size, and Data Center Consolidation in order to get cloud-ready, as the latest trends within government that are not going away any time soon.

The federal budget crisis has also played a significant role in how and on what agencies spend their IT dollars. And these trends in federal IT will have implications for the larger government enterprise.

Rob mentions that NetApp’s ultimate goal is to help customers effectively execute their mission. But it is important to remember that their choices today must align with their future goals. Agencies need to be investing in products that not only fulfill their current storage and data management needs, but also get them ready to move to the cloud in the future because that is where the future is headed.

For example, we are moving into this era of a hybrid cloud environment, where agencies leverage public and private clouds. However, there are challenges that come with this, such as developing the right infrastructure and effectively managing the data, which is no small challenge either.

Whether it is consolidating data centers or looking ahead to the cloud, think: How is what I am buying today, saving me money in the future?

Watch Rob’s full interview below.