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This month's newsletter features perspectives and themes emerging from the 2015 EDUCAUSE Annual Conference and the 2015 NASCIO Annual Conference; an article that shows how the City of Houston used NetApp(R) private cloud solutions to maintain 100% uptime during the May 2015 floods there; and an article describes technology challenges discussed by CIOs at the MeriTalk 2015 Cloud Connect event.


EDUCAUSE 2015: Where Engagement and Collaboration Converge


In this interview, Chip George, NetApp senior director for state and local government and education, and Patrick Loughlin, NetApp regional director for state and local government and education, give their perspectives on the 2015 Annual EDUCAUSE Conference.


This event brings together educators and technology vendors to advance learning through the innovative application of technology. Read more.


NASCIO 2015 Annual Conference CIO Survey: States Want Speed, Agility, and Flexibility Across Operations


The 2015 National Association of State Chief Information Officers

(NASCIO) annual conference in Salt Lake City focused on empowered CIOs, strategic partnerships and engaged citizens, as well as how technology helps states meet those goals. In this article, GovDataDownload talks with Patrick Loughlin, NetApp regional director for state and local government and education, about his impressions of the 2015 annual NASCIO conference and CIO survey. Read more.


How the City of Houston Beat the Rain with a (Private) Cloud      


When massive floods ravaged the city and surrounding areas in May 2015, the City of Houston maintained 100% uptime on its infrastructure. Because it experienced no downtime of critical services—from information management systems to emergency services operating systems—Houston was able to assist residents in need.


The secret to the City's masterful handling of a potentially devastating natural disaster lies in its decision to invest in a resilient infrastructure based on NetApp's private cloud solutions.

Learn more from this article. Read more.


Cloud Your Way is Possible with Hybrid Cloud Solutions


Over the last five years, public and private cloud solutions have enabled many agencies to meet their mandates. The solutions have done so by consolidating data centers, managing spending by eliminating costly data backup and storage, and delivering on their the agencies' missions more efficiently. But for many agency CIOs, being able to choose between only public and private cloud solutions has become a source of frustration, despite the benefits.


At the MeriTalk 2015 Cloud Connect event, CIOs discussed what they are looking for next. Read more.


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