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NetApp’s Public Sector and its leaders initiate change and thought leadership within the company and across the industry, sharing insight into data management in the Government and SLED markets. In the last few months, our mission-driven experts have led conversations surrounding government agencies adoption of Cloud storage; Analytics in education; and insights into driving better sales. Read more from our experts in industry publications such as GCN, CIO Review, and GovLoop.


When data grows old: An agency model to optimize aging data - GCN


Data is not ageless. This fact has significant implications for how agencies secure and access their data. Taking a life cycle approach to data management and embracing several key tenets opens the door to a much more efficient approach that leverages a variety of widely accepted secure storage technologies. Read more.


Analytics Help, Especially in Community Colleges (October/November 2015 p. 12) – eCampus News


Analytics can play an impactful role on any campus by way of: increasing student success, improving financial aid efficiency, minimizing time to a credential, and making our campuses safer. Big data and analytics are a formidable tool that can help identify students at academic risk and thereby enabling much needed proactive intervention to help those students succeed in college. Read more.


Making the Most of the Hybrid Cloud - GCN


20 percent of states are now highly invested in cloud services, according to a survey of CIOs conducted by the National Association of State Chief Information Officers, Grant Thorton and Tech America.


State and local government agencies are also looking to cloud solutions to deliver innovative public services in the face of tight budgets, resources and manpower. Read more.


Accelerating Organization-Wide Cloud Computing (November 2015 p.20) – CIO Review


While cloud computing is arguably both more effective and more efficient than legacy alternatives, the fact remains that when data is moved off-premise to some form of cloud storage- whether government, private, hybrid, or public- the organization gives up the stewardship of that data to a third party.


Organizations deal with these challenges in a variety of ways. Read more.


Uncle Sam in the Cloud? Federal Trends in Cloud Use - Techopedia


Over the past few years, there’s been a consensus that federal use of cloud computing is on the rise. Government agencies are taking a few pages from the playbooks of private companies, and upgrading to third-party services that can help them do more with IT “economies of scale” – by offering versatile, on-demand tech functionality, cloud computing vendors have revolutionized the way IT is delivered around the world, and eliminated some of the inefficiencies and bottlenecks that plagued IT administrators before the cloud came along.


But there’s a story to U.S. government cloud adoption – it didn’t happen overnight. Administrators had to deal with a number of challenges, such as a generally hidebound culture of administration and bureaucracy that doesn’t often allow for quick change. Read more.


State and Local Governments Embrace the Cloud - GovLoop


GovLoop sat down with NetApp’s Chip George, Senior Director of Sales for State and Local Government and Education, to learn how moving to the cloud impacted California’s bottom line and how those same solutions could be used by others. Read more.


Want to Drive Better Sales? Manage People, Not Things –


To create a culture that fosters confidence, collaboration and commitment, you need people that feel trusted, respected and empowered. Give them clear direction and let them use their skill, talent and creativity to drive wins. Not only will they exceed their goals – they will also deliver new levels of customer service and teamwork.


Here’s how to do it. Read more.


Seattle's King County Poised for Full Cloud Archive Switch – State Scoop


After years of using a magnetic-tape-based archive system, the IT staff in King County, Washington, faced a crossroads: Stay the course or move to the cloud. Read more.


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