State of California Sets New Standards for Secure Cloud Services in Government

The State of California Natural Resources Agency has become the model for how to deploy cloud services in government.

The California Natural Resources Agency (CNRA) and its 29 departments are responsible for the management of California’s natural resources from its coastlines to its parks, fish, wildlife, energy sources, and water. The CNRA depends on real-time data access to make informed decisions and respond quickly to disasters such as flood, fire, drought, and earthquakes.

The California Natural Resources Agency combined its many departments into a single shared infrastructure, deploying the state’s first internal private cloud. With a massive mutli-tenanted private cloud built on NetApp, the State of California was able to:

  • Accelerate service delivery by 70%
  • Cut spending on capex by 42% and opex by 35%
  • Reduce storage footprint by 30% while increasing storage capacity by 300%

The state’s massive cloud deployment has transformed decision-making by breaking down information silos and enabling horizontal access to data across departments. Holistic data access is empowering the departments of the CNRA with new insights as they tackle challenges as large and diverse as the state itself. At California's Department of Water Resources, fast access to more than 100 years of data—everything from water flows and soil erosion to climate change and population growth—is critical to keeping the water flowing. 


Learn how the State of California gained fast, flexible access to big data and make smarter decisions about its natural resources and respond more quickly in the event of disasters, such as wildfire, drought, floods, and earthquakes by visiting