Thank You to Our Veterans

Veterans Day

On this Veterans Day, let us remember the service of all of our veterans- past, present, and future. 


Today is the day to salute those who have put on the uniform and devoted their lives for the sake of our country.

Many NetApp employees have bravely served our nation in hopes of making it a better, safer place. We are lucky to have many veterans on our team bringing their experiences, work ethic, and dedication to NetApp. 


The skills that made them successful in the military are transferable to the civilian space. Check out Mark Weber's Forbes article on why it is our responsibility to help veterans transition back into civilian life.  We have many veterans on staff who add incredible value to the team. Let’s take the time to say thank you.


To our military, who we have the privilege to work alongside helping them achieve their mission, thank you for all you do.

Let’s honor our veterans by doing our best work.

Have a Happy Veterans Day.


Rob Stein, VP, NetApp, U.S. Public Sector 


[Image via Flickr]