The Bucket List: Top Seven Things NetApp can do for your Cyber Security Environment

Always find the silver lining. Sometimes it is hard to find the good in situations when tough headlines cover the newspapers, reporters talk about the negative consequences ahead, and the forecast is doom and gloom.

Have we reached an apocalypse where our enemies can access our networks and our data without us ever knowing about it? Maybe, but that doesn’t mean we are helpless in protecting our intellectual property, business process, or customer information from the bad guys.

There are steps that can be done to reduce risk and curb the escalating costs of cyber attacks

In order to take charge and be empowered , we have compiled a list of the top seven actions NetApp systems can do for any agency’s cyber security environment. Before you assume your cyber risk profile will kick the bucket, take advantage of these benefits: 

  1. Secure Computing Environment- The NetApp Data ONTAP operating system has built-in data protection features that help provide instant availability to security data. With Snapshot copies, FlexClone volumes, and software integration, agencies can instantly recovery data locally. This is ideal for secure coding, exploit development, and development/test environments that work off large datasets.  It also lets you maintain the chain of custody if you ever need to present evidence in a legal proceeding.
  2. Secure Multi-Tenancy- Deploying the correct security measures is a necessity for making critical information available to authorized users when they need it. NetApp’s turnkey, secure multi-tenancy solution enables government agencies to logically host multiple heterogeneous functions within a single architecture. Agencies can share storage with maximum privacy and data security while still delivering all the benefits and business advantages of a shared IT infrastructure with virtualized computing.
  3. Detect/Remediate/Test/Deploy- Continuous monitoring allows for testing and validation of the effectiveness of current security measures. Through the use of FlexClones we can provide a flexible environment with minimal overhead to enable your analysts to rapidly understand what is happening in your systems. Not unlike the software development cycle, testing against production and deploying quickly are critical to minimizing the impact to your organization.
  4. Virtual Machines- Rapidly deploy VM’s and restore compromised applications from known secured versions. When new threats occur and new tools are available to combat them, having a virtual environment to deploy quickly and predictably reduces your time to remedy your next breach.
  5. Software Defined Storage- Through the use of our Vserver, Virtual Storage Machine (VSM), architecture we have the ability to non-disruptively isolate suspicious data to a quarantined area in the storage infrastructure   and then recover production from back up. This minimizes the effect of a breach to your users, but also gives you the ability to study how someone or an organization may have penetrated your systems.
  6. Behavioral Analytics- With partners we can show how the activity of the data that sits on our storage may change. Knowing what is happening with your data may indicate there may be something brewing on the inside of your organization.  It might be people who have authorized access to your systems may be accessing data they never accessed before or the access pattern may have gone from reading to copying. This is a key component to stopping insider threats.
  7. High Speed Networks- In conjunction with our partners we offer a packet capture solution that is setting new records for speed of capture and scalability of storage. The joint solution addresses both the bandwidth and content challenges, keeping networks protected while handling vast amounts of packet and flow data in real time.

Threats to online security continue to grow and evolve in both sophistication and volume, and the ability to use technology in a smarter way is a necessity to move out of the negativity storm. Be smart and add these to your cyber security bucket list. Fight back!  Protect your Information!

Dave Ulepic, Account Executive DHS Cyber, NetApp U.S. Public Sector