The Great Object Storage Debate – Your Turn

I was listening to NPR’s Morning Edition on the way to work this morning.  Their economics reporting team (known as “Planet Money”) have created a new project in which they plan to explore the world economy by understanding how to manufacture and market a T-shirt.  It’s a lot more creative than you might think!  The link to their report can be found here.


They explained that their original methodology for understanding how to make and sell a T-shirt was to start at the beginning with buying cotton for the shirt.  After a few missteps, they realized that they had their methodology completely backwards; they needed to start with the customer’s wants and needs to define what product they should make.  Make what the customer wants and you’ll have a very saleable product one day.  A simple concept, but one we often forget.

It got me thinking about how we have been discussing future content storage needs and the products we will see on the market one day.  I would like this blog to be a forum for what you, the customer, needs and looks for in a storage solution.  This kind of open dialogue can be hard to get started, but can also be highly informative to us all (and hopefully fun as well).

A few blogs ago, we focused on object storage in media.  We used these blogs as a springboard to introduce our readers to how they can start thinking about this important and somewhat complex option to support their content workflows.

We’d now like to throw the doors open to you.  What are your plans, goals and expectations for object storage in your business?   Do you see it as a definite stepping stone, an interesting possibility or just another passing fad you can’t afford to play with right now?  Or perhaps you don’t believe that object storage has a place in your business? I’d like to hear about that, too.

To leave a comment on this site, you are asked to register, so remember that all of your input will be seen by others.  If you are not comfortable with that approach, feel free to send your comments directly to me and I’ll add them to the discussion anonymously.  And don’t feel you need to write an essay.  Any comment of any size is great!

This is your chance to have your opinions made known and also to see how others are evaluating their options.  The media & entertainment industry is unique and so are your needs, so let's hear from you!