The IT Weatherman’s Forecast: Overcast with Clouds

Will the IT meteorologists’ predict clouds ahead? That is the question many federal managers find themselves trying to answer. Whether it be cirrus or cumulous, it is a bit of a conundrum: Should you move to the cloud? And when? Should it be a private cloud? Public? Hybrid?

Instead of focusing on cloud computing today, focus on investing in the right technology that will lay the foundation for your move to the cloud tomorrow.

Here are five key points to ease your mind and help guide you through the storm ahead:

  1. Support open standards so your data can be moved seamlessly. NetApp supports open cloud platforms because we believe that customers are going to move from public to private cloud environments.
  2. Invest in technology and public cloud services that will make that transition simple.
  3. If you invest in private cloud services, make sure the technology provides non-disruptive operations. You should consider every layer of the data center stack – including storage – to ensure non-disruptive operations. NetApp enables you to eliminate planned and unplanned downtime. Not only does downtime interrupt the mission, but IT professionals tell me that 90% of their time is spent planning and managing downtime when required for an IT operation.
  4. Invest in technology that allows your environment to scale seamlessly because the data you collect, store and consume is growing exponentially. NetApp technology allows you to start small and grow big in your SAN and NAS environments.
  5. Promote efficiency, particularly as you virtualize your data center. NetApp’s unique storage efficiency technologies, including deduplication and RAID-DP, provide greater utilization without compromise. In fact, NetApp guarantees that you will use 50% less storage with NetApp compared to a baseline of traditional storage.

Leveraging the cloud is critical to driving down costs in an organization. But it is about more than just saving money – it's about adding value to your environment. Putting the right technology infrastructure in place now, will make any future decision about whether "to cloud or not to cloud" much easier. Can’t get enough of the cloud discussion? Continue the discussion with NetApp and the Cloud Computing Brainstorm (pun intended) on October 8th at the Newseum. 

Mike Giesler, Vice President, Systems Engineering, NetApp U.S. Public Sector. On my radar, I see cumulonimbus ahead for D.C.