The Ultimate Hybrid Cloud Migration Checklist

Hybrid Cloud

More and more, agencies are turning to the cloud for increased performance, storage and cost-savings. As agencies continue navigating the move to the cloud—balancing questions of security, control, performance and cost-savings—hybrid cloud is proving to be the cloud solution of choice. 


But while agencies can see the benefits of moving to a hybrid model, often the management challenges that emerge around data storage and portability can seem daunting.


Ultimate Hybrid Cloud Migration ChecklistThat’s why NetApp and Lockheed Martin created a checklist to help your agency make the move.


  1. Assess Your Existing Systems
  2. Determine a Method of Migration
  3. Determine Which Cloud Service Provider You Want To Go With
  4. Port Your Data to the Hybrid Cloud

Learn more about the four steps to make the move and get setup in a hybrid cloud environment here.

“Right now many organizations are looking at it as ‘I can have on-premises cloud or I pretty much have to use a commercial cloud,’” Alan Dare, District Manager of Cloud Solutions at NetApp, said. “But the hybrid approach is unequivocally the best of both worlds. They’re thinking of it as a very hard decision: ‘Do I keep everything local and private, or do I outsource everything?’ But, in most cases, hybrid is actually the best solution.”

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