Top 2014 Trends and 2015 Predictions in Data Management and Cloud Storage from NetApp

GovDataDownload recently visited with Bob Burwell, Chief Technology Officer for NetApp U.S. Public Sector State, Local Government and Education, and Shawn Rodriguez, senior director for NetApp U.S. Public Sector State Local Government and Education, to talk about what trends they saw emerge for the use of cloud technology and other data management trends in 2014, as well as find out what their predictions are for data management and cloud storage in 2015.


They shared that 2014 was a year of continuing growth of both the data center and cloud spaces with center consolidation morphing into maturity in that space and the journey to the cloud moving from data consolidation to an exploration of new cloud options and technologies.


A major disruptor at the end of 2014 in the state and local government space was the mandate that body cameras and video solutions become integral to public safety operations. Rodriguez said this trend will grow in 2015, creating more demand for data storage and retention.


Another series of events that occurred in 2014, and gained wide attention in recent weeks, is major cyber breaches or attempts to breach SLED networks. In fact, Rodriguez shared that a customer experienced 10 million hacking attempts from China alone in the past year.


Listen to the conversation with Burwell and Rodriguez here to find out more about what they saw as the biggest trends in data management/cloud storage in the SLED space in 2014 and their look forward to what they predict will gain the most traction in those areas in 2015.