VDI to Save the Snow Day?

When the weather outside turns frightful, and you've got no place to go, why not let it snow? Then again, if you're on a deadline and your computer is at the office, maybe not.

If recent super storms have taught us anything, other than how much we appreciate a working refrigerator, it is how valuable a flexible work arrangement can be.

The federal government embraced teleworking years ago as a way to reduce traffic congestion. But over time, Feds realized that working remotely delivers more benefits than that: business continuity, hiring flexibility, and job satisfaction top the list.

This is where having a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) can help.

VDI allows agencies to store and manage sensitive data centrally. Data resides in a data center and is delivered to devices virtually through a secure channel, so an employee can use a tablet, iPad or home computer securely. Left your laptop in a taxi? Sensitive data is not at risk because it is not stored locally. In fact, VDI increases security as it increases flexibility.

You may say: "This sounds great. Now what?" 

The theory around VDI being less expensive or saving money is true. But first, you'll need to invest in the right computer infrastructure: good servers running virtualization software, the right network infrastructure that will provide the performance you need, and the right storage.

Your storage should be able to serve data up rapidly because VDI is an environment that requires you to provision thousands of desktops quickly. And when you consolidate data, make sure you have really good built-in integrated data protection.

Then when everything is in place, I say: Let it snow…

Mike Giesler

Vice President, Systems Engineering, NetApp U.S. Public Sector

Check out how NetApp helps agencies’ support their remote workforce with VDI technology.


Fitting conversation today in the DC area, which is where I am.  Are agencies using this for just teleworking or in general? I could see the value in having all employees have access to do their work outside of the office.  Do you have any data on how much you can save with VDI?

The blog does a good job of emphasizing the value of having good built-in integrated data protection.  If data is not protected it will discourage agencies from allowing their employees to work remotely.