[Video] Data Fabric with NetApp's Jim Cosby


 The cloud is more than just a technology change; it is a business change too. It is the number one business challenge for just about every organization today, and most every organization is looking for cloud options.


Today there are three basic types of cloud models:


- Provider cloud- These are providers building the “As-A-Service” model, like SFDC providing software-as-a-service or Verizon Terremark providing infrastructure-as- a-service.

- Hyperscaler cloud- These are companies like Amazon, MS Azure, Google, and IBM Softlayer who are providing large, infinitely scalable clouds, which can quickly spin up and be in production leveraging the unlimited compute power and storage scalability of the cloud.

- Onprem private clouds- These are applications that will never leave the data center because of security or performance challenges, but they will still need the power, scalability, and capacity of the cloud.



 Data Fabric

Over time, organizations will need to leverage all three clouds. We refer to this as the hybrid cloud.


Hear more from NetApp’s Jim Cosby, Regional Systems Engineering Director for NetApp’s U.S. Public Sector, about NetApp’s Data Fabric.



A Data Fabric allows storing and managing data across various cloud providers, various hyperscaler providers, and onprem and offprem cloud providers.


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