Who Do You Work With? So Do We!

Here at NetApp, we hear this a lot.  Why?  Because very few “best of breed solutions” come from one vendor (in fact, almost none).  Storage, while integral to almost any M&E solution, isn’t the whole answer.

Look how many companies are providing high quality transcoding solutions, video editing software and scheduling tools.  In talking with some of our customers, they refuse to touch some solutions from vendors even if that vendor has a huge market share.  These customers have a personal preference for another vendor; they like them and are familiar with how they work.  That comfort level can help speed their content to market.

NetApp knows that it is vital for us to fit into most systems.  That way we can offer our unique value to you regardless of what you use to create your vision.  To that end, we have dedicated a lot of time to developing a complete “partner ecosystem” that allows you to pick your favorite solution and team it up with our portfolio of storage products.  At this year’s NAB 2014, we decided to showcase a few of the more leading edge solutions as examples of how we develop these partnerships.

Many of you have expressed interest in cloud support.  In fact, it was one of the most requested topics for our individual meetings at the show.  Some wanted to replace tape archives with cloud storage so that retrieval of the content would be easy and fast regardless of when the operation might want the content again in the future.  Some of you wanted to utilize burst computing for transcoding, image rendering and automation solutions.  And a lot more of you are not convinced that handing digital content to a public third party is the best way to keep the data safe from theft and loss. 

NetApp understands.  We have partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to bring you a hybrid cloud design that allows you to keep your content secure on your own storage infrastructure while utilizing Amazon’s cloud compute environment.  The solution also allows you to move your content off of your high performance storage and into the cloud when you are ready.  It was (and still is) such an important topic it that had its own presentation station in our NAB booth. 

We also know that managing your storage costs is a critical problem.  That’s why we invited Insight Integrated Systems (IIS) and NTP software to demonstrate their E-tiering Cloud Appliance at NAB, providing effortless, policy-driven archiving in a Low-cost, capacity-dense single appliance.

We also know that many of you are beginning to explore 4K/UHD production and content delivery.  How do you handle an application that requires four times the bandwidth you need for HD?  Tekserve and NetApp showed you one idea.  If you came by our booth, you probably saw the demo station where we showed how uncompressed 4K video is handled with ease by NetApp E-Series HDD and EF all flash SAN storage.  It was one of the most popular demos we have shown in our NAB booth in many years.

NAB 2014 was a big success for NetApp and for you, too.  We had many more booth visitors than we have ever had in our NAB history.  The reason for that is quite simple:  Major media companies across the globe rely on NetApp for their most critical media workflows and You Can Too!