Why Flash Matters...

The data crunching needs for mission-critical applications continue to increase—often dramatically— as video and other rich data formats explode. Agencies are painfully aware that data storage requirements are practically endless, and there is an intensifying demand for better performance and economics. The challenge is not just to keep up, but to leap ahead with progressive technologies. Agencies need a platform that will work. Our customers have been asking, and NetApp has been listening. This week NetApp announced the expansion of our Flash portfolio with EF540, all-Flash array, a preview of new and purpose-built all-flash array product family, and also new flash-optimized high end storage systems (FAS6200). Why is it important? How does this affect the public sector? Stay tuned for our mini blog series on Flash featuring:

  • Why Flash matters in DoD?
  • Why Flash matters in SLED?
  • Why Flash matters in Healthcare?

Get ready for the blog series by learning about all things Flash!