NetApp in VMworld 2014 San Francisco Day 4

Hello, this is Harada of the marketing department.

All dates of VMworld 2014 is was finished with a final day today.

Exhibitors sponsor of 250 companies to welcome the participants of the 22,000 people from all over the world, the number of Breakout Session also, over 350

It seems to have gathered, but then it would be surprised the number of these again.


I think you want to tell and sprinkled with photos of how NetApp booth in front of the continuation of the blog yesterday this time.

Booth design was based on black and white counter electrode of last year, is in the booth, NetApp booth this time, mini theater,

It was and is operated divided into three demo area, of Meet the Expert. Mini theater ♪ is success every time

I have to show you a demo of VVOL.



Now, I would like to return to the continuation of the story of yesterday.

And "End User Computing" exhibition contents of the remaining two of NetApp, is "Converged Infrastructure".


■ End User Computing

For End User Computing, all-flash configuration of the FAS8000 series virtual desktops mainly

In the environment, it was singing that it is possible to provide a $ 55 / Desktop. And this you have to flash all products

Contribution of ROI I think this is one of the considerably higher amount of money.

It is a week before the VMworld 2014 begins, as follows, very useful in a virtual desktop environment just

The all-flash of NetApp FAS series to support list View Composer API for Array Integration of (VCAI)

Configuration has been listed.


This, VM Ware of Linked Clone very storage Using the for load is applied, such selected large models

There was also a problem that should not unless, but this will result in the issue is resolved. Clone the processing

This is because so can be offloaded to the storage side of the load.



※ Please refer to here for details.



Storage vendors four companies have been certified in the world, but it was accustomed to the one company, desktop future virtualization

I believe that it has a large implications in a very business.


"EUC2712-SPO The Impact of Flash on Virtual Servers, Database, and Virtual of Breakout Session

Desktop Workloads " EMC's also had been in Osshara. The desktop application, workload still

But there is a time to focus at once, and it can not be predicted. So it is to solve the problem, flash again

And is. In the area of End User Computing, from now and still, the flash is quite important component

It is in, it's going to become is no doubt. Such as simple configuration and performance of certain benefits range

Because I over.


I think that if you can focus on the strategy of the net flash up in the future.


■ Converged Infrastructure


It is a Converged Infrastructure to last.

Of course, the most experienced in the industry No.1 here is "FlexPod". UCS server series from Cisco, a network switch

Nexus series from Cisco, the storage is the reference architecture of pre-validated by the NetApp FAS.

To save time overwhelmingly the introduction period of the cloud customer you can.

Already, the number of customers beyond the 4,100, you can not use our infrastructure part of the public cloud from the private cloud,

Of a wide range of industries I am use our customers. And multi-hypervisor VMware, Microsoft, Citrix, and Red Hat ,

Server virtualization, desktop virtualization, private cloud, Oracle, and SAP, also in a variety of applications and is compatible,

Cisco Validated Design (CVD) number of technical documentation is also more than 50 in the form of.

The August 26 (Tuesday) All Flash version FAS8000 incorporating the series and FlexPod Data Center with VMware Horizon View

And say VDI model I announced. In the future, as a database solution for the desktop and virtualization, this all

Validated Design incorporating the flash will go increasing.


Finally, it had received a presentation on the mini FlexPod at Cisco's booth. (Photo begin still

It is a thing of the previous. )

Alliance relationship between the two companies I mean that is strongly coupled.

One last publicity.

I am to update the catalog Hatena's FlexPod version. Application Centric Infrastructure of Cisco's (ACI)

To introduce a wide range of applications that are compatible as CVD Also, the advanced content such as new UCS Director and

There are. And, characters have gotten responsible for FlexPod somewhere might be found. About two people. Barebare

... Is not it?



It is at the end, but the acquaintance under .. 4 days, Thank you.

In the area of ​​the EUC and SDDC by VMware to focus, NetApp, products and features high affinity with VMware products

I will continue to release in the future. Also, as saying "Future is the Hybrid." Is VMware, hybrid cloud

I think against because we are working actively in the approach of its own, and if you can tuned.


Go Bravely !!

Also, I hope and Correll also next year.