Women in Localization Japan having its 2nd event at NetApp Tokyo



Hi, I’m Yukako Ueda, and I work for NetApp’s globalization team. On the evening of July 3rd, Women in Localization Japan held its second gathering in the NetApp Tokyo office. In this blog I would like to introduce what “Women in Localization” is and how the event went. I think it was a success! So…


  1. What is Women in Localization?

“Women in Localization” is a non-profit organization for women working in the localization industry. This organization was established in 2008 in California, United States by 3 friends: Anna N Schlegel, Eva Klaudinyova and Silvia Avary. They remain the Executive Board Members, and interestingly enough Anna happens to be the Sr. Director for Globalization at NetApp. Hence my involvement with this association. Anna was who encouraged me to step up and lead our Chapter in Japan. I took the challenge, and here I am!


Today, the organization has more than 2,000 members all over the world. The Japanese Chapter of “Women in Localization” was established in March 2015 with already 40 initial founding members! Our members consist of a variety of localization professionals, such as women working for localization vendors, globalization systems architects, project managers, Quality Control managers and a list of freelance translators.





  1. How are the events of Women in Localization?


I wanted to talk about 2 things:

  • Once Women in Localization (WL) selects key topics for its event, members familiar with the topics or specialists from outside of the organization are invited to present to the bigger group. In our second event, we held sessions on 3 main topics: “Language Conversion Solution for Software” by Naoko Taga, LinguaNext Japan; “Machine Translation Engine developed by Cross Language” by Hiroshi Nihei & Hiroyuki Asazawa, Cross Language; and “Pricing Standard for Machine Translation” by Takatsugu Kato, TOIN Corporation.


Social networking is always part of the planned in the events. However, as the programs happen after business hours, the attendees are usually hungry and thirsty, therefore… WL Japan has decided to hold its sessions where the attendees can eat and drink during the speakers’ sessions (it is not a usual scenario in IMG_0876.JPGJapanese business!) During the session our members can ask questions or give comments while the presenters are speaking. In this manner, members can build a close relationship with each other, while easting, even if they are all about business of globalization!




  • Another unique feature of WL Japan is that the members can bring their children to the events. When I planned to start the WL Japan chapter, I couldn’t solve one question for all our members: “why only women need to come together?” Having worked in IT for years, especially in the localization industry, I haven’t felt much difficulty caused by the gender. It is also because NetApp KK, which is ranked in top 10 for “Great Place to Work” every year, allows various working styles to its employees. We had the first event in March before getting the answer to that question.


When we held our 1st event some members couldn’t attend it, and some cancelled the participation in the last minute because they couldn’t find someone to take care of their children. That’s the reason we wanted to promote the fact that our members could bring their kids moving forward. NetApp Japan supported this idea with enthusiasm,and we could even borrow the polyurethane playing mat used at “NetApp Kids Day” every year. I was glad to see 2 members who brought their kids to the event in response to our call. We would like to see more and more kids coming to the next event!




You can never start them early enough…

We hope to see more members join, tall, and short! To learn more about this association please do not hesitate to contact me at yukako.ueda(a)netapp.com (please replace (a) with @ when you send me an email).







Thank you!

Yukako Ueda

Japan Chapter Manager, Women in Localization

APAC Lead, Global Content Management, Globalization Programs Strategy Office, NetApp Inc.


Great post Yukako! NetApp and Women in Localization give a great opportunity to meet fellow Localizers and learn and expland the knowledge related to all types of topics. And your children are taken care of, what a great idea.