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EOL for S Family! Booo!



This really pisses me off.  The article does say that they will offer support until 4-6-2012, but what does that mean?  Will they be offering updates to OnTap until 2012?  My supports expires on 06-2010, Can by a new 3 year support to last me until 2012?

Way to go NetApp one less customer that definately won't be upgrading to a FAS!  Sun Unified Storage here I come.


Re: EOL for S Family! Booo!



Just saw your post and can appreciate your frustration...especially if
the product has been serving your needs well.  I've contacted some folks
here at NetApp to see if we can get answers to some of your questions.
In the meantime, please leverage your sales rep -- they should be able
to at least give you information & provide an accurate expectation of
support and possible alternatives.  We'll do what we can to help ease
the pain.....

John from the NetApp community team

Re: EOL for S Family! Booo!



Please see the thread here...


There are many frustrated people with this. As you can see from my last post, I have gotten the answers from the sales rep and it isn't pretty. There HAS to be something done.

Re: EOL for S Family! Booo!


Hi Nicholas,

re:"supports expires on 06-2010": Yes, you can purchase up to three years of warranty and support extension for your S550. Also in February 2009, NetApp is changing the upgrade/trade-in program to include S550 systems. Please contact NetApp sales or support for more details.

We want to ensure you have the best customer experience possible...pls keep your comments coming.

Hope this helps.

frank lung

product manager entry systems

Re: EOL for S Family! Booo!



Will the S500 also be included in this trade-up program? Or is it just the S550? As you can see on the other thread, even with a trade-up program NetApp is really doing an injustice here. Please help.

Re: EOL for S Family! Booo!

Hi Robert,
The S500 is not included the new trade-in/upgrade program. However, do speak with your account rep to see if something specify to you/your account can be done. I'm confident we can find a mutually agreeable solution.
frank lung
product manager entry systems
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