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SMVI w/ no snap reserve


Quick and probably easy question.  I have snap reserve turned off on my volumes as we are using SMVI.  While looking at filerview Filer-At-A-Glance I notice that the /vol/test is using 20 GB and the /vol/test/.snapshot is using 3.6 GB. With no snap reserve set where is the 3.6 GB being taken from, the volume? If so, why doesn't filerview reflect that?



Re: SMVI w/ no snap reserve


As you know the overwrite data for Snapshots are stored within the flexvol.  When you set a snap reserve the system simply reserves this space for the use of snapshots, so when you look at the amount of space within the volume the amount of space you have is something like volume_free_space - % Snapreserve.  If you don't have a snapreserve set you see all the free space as available within the volume.  The space being consumed by the snapshot is simply held within the flexvol, so if you look at the total space in the volume - (space being consumed by data + space being used for snapshot data) you should come up with free space that you can see.

I hope that makes sense.



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