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Upgrade from raid 4 to DP without spare disk



Whether it is possible to upgrade the raid level from 4 to DP without any spare disk in raid 4. for S550.

Need in top most priority



Re: Upgrade from raid 4 to DP without spare disk


I cannot speak from direct experience with the release on the S-family, but from a DOT RAID perspective, you will need a spare disk in order to convert a RAID4 to RAID-DP. 

If you are asking if you can fail a diskand build a "degraded" raid group into a RAID-DP vol, what would that gain?   The system will then be running a RAID-DP degraded volume that can only sustain a single drive failure still.

The only procedure that sounds like it will be supported if you were at a disk limit would be to backup, destroy, and recreate the volumes on the raid groups you want to convert; a disruptive task.

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