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cli equiv to filerview "view space usage"


ihac customer that is asking for a cli equivalent to filerview’s volumes à snapshots à manage “view space usage” output.

seems the customer is seeing differences between what filerview displays and what dot's cli “snap delta” command displays.

in this customer’s  environment, the file system experiences many file adds (appends), few file changes. and they’re trying to monitor both using customer scripts.

for those interested in the background discussion, see attach.


o) for the individual(s) who have the filerview source code in front of them, is there a cli  equivalent to filerview’s volumes --> snapshots --> manage “view space usage”?

pls. advise…

- charlie


Re: cli equiv to filerview "view space usage"


It might be interesting to see what the ManageONTAP 3.5.1 call returns.

You could script this up very easy with Perl.

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Re: cli equiv to filerview "view space usage"


snap reclaimable   <volume> <snapshot> ?

From storage management guide:

snap delta    The estimated rate of change of data between Snapshot copies in a volume
snap reclaimable    The estimated amount of space freed if you delete the specified Snapshot copie

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Re: cli equiv to filerview "view space usage"


Hi Charlie,

I believe the View space usage is using the ZAPI snapshot-list-info  and the values are taken from the elements  Used <total>xxx</total> Total <cumulative-total>xxx</cumulative-total>.

I have attached the Screen shot for the same please check the attachments .



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