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looking for fillers (blanks) for my DS14MK2


We just purchased a DS14MK2AT with 8 SATA drives. The open 6 slots do not have any fillers (blanks.) My reseller tells me NetApp doesn't make/provide fillers for their shelves. I've gotten mixed replies from people on Twitter about if such fillers exist. Could someone let me know if fillers for a DS14MK2AT exist and, if so, how to acquire 6 of them? For extra credit, I would appreciate a way to get them without talking to my reseller. I've had enough frustration with them as it is.


Re: looking for fillers (blanks) for my DS14MK2


It is a zero dollar item on the parts list. You can find the description on parts finder on the NOW site.  The part number is X506-R6  (X502-R6 works too but might be discontinued..).  Maybe call your direct NetApp rep and ask him/her to place the order for 6x X506-R6 and then just cover shipping... or even better, give them an order for something else too since it's year end

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Re: looking for fillers (blanks) for my DS14MK2


Hey Munsch,

Yes the fillers (blanks) do exist.  I know two big Banks here in Canada that have a bunch in old store rooms....lol

From my old days on filers pre 2000 we used to use MK1 Shelves, and I remember that it is highly recommended to make sure you have blanks in due to airflow/cooling and drive longevity.  I would recommend getting blanks ASAP.  Talk to your local pre sales rep (NetApp) and see what he can do, they are great guys.

Anthony Feigl

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