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Re: Script to list snapshot copies of all volumes

Hi justin_smith 



Could you please let me know how you have saved file "filername' for command $Controller = @('filername').


If possible could you please share script as well

Re: Script to list snapshot copies of all volumes

Hello @Neal1703,


He is simply using "filername" as a place holder here.  The "@()" turns it into an array so that  if there are multiple the bits of script below can loop over them.


$Controller = @('', '', '')




You asked:  "m looking for it to save the file with the filername.snapshot. I've tried filername_snapshot and filername.snapshot, but it only gives it the $filer.snapshot name....."  You're seeing that behavior because of the single quotes around the value.  If you replace with double quotes it should work...


Get-NaVol | Get-NaSnapshot | select TargetName,name,Created | Export-Csv "H:\NetApp Scripts\$($filer).snapshots.csv"


If you're curious, there is a lot of information about variable expansion in string output here.


Hope that helps.



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