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get-nacifsshare incorrectly identifying Access Based Enumeration Shares


I know i Know, 7-mode is not being developed, but we are migrating off of this.    I'm finding ABE shares are not showing up correctly with get-nacifsshare


I'm using PS Tookit 4.1, 4.3 and higher.


Can someone confirm some of my findings. 



Hello, after going to our question i got some answer for to get a detiled information go through the link's.


The Connect-NcController is the standard method of connecting to a clustered Data ONTAP controller. Connect-NaController is the 7-mode equivalent and works identically. Additionally, the same credential rules apply for the Invoke-NcSsh and Invoke-NaSsh cmdlets as well.


Clik here! | AWS Certified


Arguably the most common method of connecting to a controller is by simply providing the hostname


I hope this helps.




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