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If a customer has let's say 100 licenses for NetApp SaaS Backup for Office 365 and they perform a backup for 80 users and 20 shared mailboxes. So all of the 100 licenses are in use.


Now 5 users from this customer are leaving the company so their mailbox on Office 365 is converted to a shared mailbox (for licensing reasons on Office 365).

The user mailbox backup for these users failes because there is no primary smtp address associated with. This because the customer changes the primary smtp address from to because they want the sender to get a mail bounce then they try to email the user that has left the company.

Now the 5 'new' mailboxes are discovered under the shared mailboxes with their primary smtp address.


I removed the 5 users from the user mailbox backup but the license count stay's at 100/100. So there are no free licenses when I want to add the mailbox to the shared mailbox. Even when the users are removed from the backup tier.


Now my obvious question: when does NetApp release the user licenses when users are deleted from a backup tier? Is the license released when the backup retention for the initial mailbox is expired of is the license used and that's it?


Can someone clarify the Saas Backup for Office 365 licensing policy for me? It looks like the support page's don't answer my question.


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Re: Release license from user



I asked our NetApp account manager some more info about the licensing policies.

For the moment there is no functionaliteit that automatically revokes the license when a user is moved to an unprotected tier or purged.

You will need to send an email to NetApp support with a list of user IDs where you want to revoke the license from.

The functionaliteit is planned in a future update of NetApp SaaS Backup for Office 365.


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