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Re: NS0-507

Thanks for the explanation Greg!





@GregH wrote:

I wanted to respond to one of Gerardo's previous questions above about publishing our exam passing scores.


While NetApp has not published the passing scores for any of our exams since I joined in 2015, I did not know why this was the case. Since I received Gerardo's question, I've been doing some research regarding this as well as making some updates. The updates went live today.


I'm happy to say that we now publish our passing score along with the number of items on each exam. This information can be found on each individual certification page on, specifically on the Exam tab.


My apologies in the delay to my response, but I wanted to ensure that the information was live on our webpage before responding.


Please let me know if you have any questions.


Greg Hyman

NetApp Certification and Accreditation Program Manager