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Ontap version and NCDA

Hello All,

A quick question, which version of ontap should one study in order to take NCDA exams. More specifically, is it 7.3.1 or 7.2.x?

Thanks in advance.



Re: Ontap version and NCDA

There are questions covering both 7.3.x and 7.2.x (most stuff is the same between the versions of course but there are some notable new features....release notes being a good resource for that ).

Re: Ontap version and NCDA

Thanks a bunch, will go check the release notes. I think 7.3.x documentation is more organized and easier to read/refer than 7.2.x series (HTML format). But like you said, most of the stuff is same between the versions.

Re: Ontap version and NCDA

Quite welcome....I asked the same question of an internal NetApp resource and got the same answer as public info (also confirmed by some of the test questions ).