Network Storage Protocols Articles and Resources

Simulator License keys


License            Key                   Purpose

cifs              DZDACHD            CIFS protocol

cluster        JQIGWWF    Clustering of simulators

cluster_remote    N/A    "Metrocluster" (cluster remote) does not work in the simulator

dafs    N/A    Not a shipping product

disk_sanitization    PZKEAZL    Disk sanitization

http    NAZOMKC    HTTP protocol

fcp    N/A    A license works but doesn't provide much functionality - use iSCSI

flex_cache    HFAYFJJ    FlexCache license

flex_clone    ANLEAZL    FlexClone license

gateway_hitachi    N/A    No v-Series  functionality in the simulator

iscsi     BSLRLTG    iSCSI protocol

multistore    NQBYFJJ    MultiStore - multiple virtual Filers

nearstore_option    N/A    Currently unavailable in the simulator - is expected in a  later version

nfs    BQOEAZL    NFS protocol

rapid_restore    N/A    Not a shipping product

smdomino     RKBAFSN    SnapManager for Domino*

smsql     HNGEAZL    SnapManager for SQL Server*

snaplock    ZOJPPVM    SnapLock WORM Compliance edition

snaplock_enterprise    PTZZESN    SnapLock WORM Enterprise edition

snapmanagerexchange    BCJEAZL    SnapManager for Exchange*

snapmirror    DFVXFJJ    SnapMirror between simulators

snapmirror_sync    XJQIVFK    Synchronous SnapMirror between simulators

snapmover    N/A    No back-end FCP support in the simulator

snaprestore    DNDCBQH    SnapRestore

snapvalidator    JQAACHD    Oracle SnapValidator license

sv_linux_pri     ZYICXLC    Open Systems SnapVault from Linux clients*

sv_ontap_pri     PVOIVFK    SnapVault "primary" (source filer)

sv_ontap_sec    PDXMQMI    SnapVault "secondary" (destination filer)

sv_unix_pri    RQAYBFE    Open Systems SnapVault from UNIX clients*

sv_windows_ofm_pri    ZOFNMID    Open Systems SnapVault Open File Manager for Windows*

sv_windows_pri     ZOPRKAM    Open Systems SnapVault from Windows clients*

syncmirror_local    RIQTKCL    SyncMirror (think RAID 4+1)

v-series    N/A    No v-Series functionality in the simulator

vld    N/A    Not a shipping product

For 7.3 Simulators, you can use A-SIS and Nearstore... also, you can run both snapvault primary/secondary on the same node.

a_sis    MTVVGAF

nearstore_option  ELNRLTG

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