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Access denied to NFS share.


Hi i started to administer netapp server and i have two questions.

First question.

I have some problems to access CIFS Shares

fas 3020

Data ontap 7.3.4

shares :

ETC$     (/etc)    Remote Administration

vol3$    (/vol/vol3)    Remote Administration

root volume is vol0 

qtree vol0 : mixed style

i can access to \\filer\etc$

but i got an access error entering \\filer\vol3$

for both shares

BUILTIN\Administrators set to Full control.

and for vol3$ i tried to add my domain user with Full control rights.

The same error.

wcc -s winuser show that

NT membershitp




usermap.cfg is empty

I want to check  volume contents.

Please help.

One more problem.

i have some exports.

for specific IP a set read-only access. when i trying to mount and NFS export i did it without problem. But when i try to list directory content i got access denied.


/vol/vol0/soft : unix style

cifs export

/vol/vol0/soft  read-only access for my host.

i do

mount /mnt/soft filer:/vol/vol0/soft

until its ok

i do

cd /mnt/soft

i got access denied.

Only when i set a root access for this host i can access /mnt/soft.


i tride the same on my netapp simulator, i got no errors, but there is no connection to Active Directory.

Please help.


Access denied to NFS share.



Problem resolved with CIFS shares. Using MMC i have set rights to shares (Security rights). NOw i can acces to cifs shares.

What about nfs exports (second question)?

Access denied to NFS share.


One unsolicated comment: it is recommended to create a new volume for data access instead of using vol0. Vol0 should only contain the Data On Tap operating system files.

For the export, what is the result of "exportfs -q /vol/vol0/soft"?

Re: Access denied to NFS share.


Thank you for your answer.

about the root volume. Yes we are planning to separate on tap system files and our data files.

about the exports.

Sorry about the mistake. I tried to mount /vol/vol0/Soft and i can see content of this nfs share with ro rights.

But i have another NFS share /vol/vol0.

But there is situation described in my last post.

exportfs -q /vol/vol0

/vol/vol0       -sec=sys,(ruleid=1),ro=

exportfs -q /vol/vol0/soft

/vol/vol0/soft    -sec=sys,(ruleid=0),ro=,rw=,root=

im trying to mount to

What about ruleid?

Access denied to NFS share.


Try 'exportfs -c /vol/vol0/soft ro'

Also try reading the exportfs manpage.  I assume you are mounting the share as root.  Also try turning on 'opiton nfs.mountd.trace'  on the CLI and watching the messages file.

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