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Accessing CIFS shares from VM's stored in NFS volumes



I've set up our test ESX 4.1 test environment and created a Windows 2008 Enterprise VM server. The server is running in an aggregate called aggrVM with one volume (so far) called vmos. The volume is NFS. The VM loaded fine. I can join the domain fine but I can't login with the account I joined the domain with or with any domain account. I can log back in as administrator locally but when I try to map to our software drive like so: \\netapfilername\software$ from the run box I'm prompted for my credentials. Since my domain credentials have access to that share I put them in but I then get an error that reads: "The account is not authorized to log in from this workstation." Does anyone know how to get me back on track? Thanks for the help!


Re: Accessing CIFS shares from VM's stored in NFS volumes

Ok.. Rookie mistake.. Answer is as follows:


---computer configuration

----windows settings

-----security settings

------local policies

-------security options

--------microsoft network client: digitally sign communications always needs to be set to disabled.

All fixed now..

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