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Activate NFS4



we are using several NFSv3 mount on a FAS2240 and we an investigating to swich some mounts to nfs4 for testing purposes.


Is it posible to active NFSv4 on the FAS without impacting any existing NFSv3 mounts?


Are there any best practises for switching v3->v4?


Thanks alot...


Re: Activate NFS4



Can you let us know the version of DataONTAP ?



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Re: Activate NFS4

Running Version is 8.1.2 (7-Mode)

Re: Activate NFS4

pretty sure you can as protocl version is dtermeined upon mount operation.

Re: Activate NFS4

On the client servers that are mounting the volumes, you can set the version to be used in the mount options. The currently mounted things will be using version 3 since version 4 isn't running on the filer. But if you don't explicitly set the version in /etc/fstab, the next client server reboot might start using version 4 if the client has version 4 capabilities.

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